We believe that customs compliance does not mean just clearing goods through customs. It includes advising you of potential liability issues, documentation requirements, and staying ahead of the changes in customs policies. We strive to understand your product and advise you of potential changes in regulations as well as ensuring complete compliance.

We provide customs clearance solutions for all businesses - large corporates, Small and Medium Enterprises,100% Export Oriented Units, companies in the SEZ or STP zone, courier companies, wholesalers, retailers, e-commerce businesses, and more. In fact, whatever your import or export need, we strive to help you complete your commercial transactions efficiently.


Jayem Enterprise


Alpha Freight Chain is a licensed Custom House Agent headquartered in Bangalore and operating in Tuticorin, Chennai and Bangalore.

Connect Cargo is a full service international freight orwarder (IATA approved) which operates in several countries on an Agency model. In India, Connect Cargo has offices at Chennai, Bangalore Mumbai and Delhi

C Net offers express and courier services within the state of Karnataka in India, connecting all the towns of Karnataka. National and International pick-ups handled with support from partners TNT / Aramex.

Aero Ferry provides third party logistics services for e-shopping. They provide warehousing distribution and a delivery on payment model primarily for on line customers and operate primarily from Bangalore.

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